The term ‘RaHoWa’ is an abbreviation of ‘Racial Holy War’, a phrase used by skinheads and ‘racialists’ to describe the state of conflict and final global confrontation between white and non-white civilization. The abbreviation exists, one imagines, as a measure of ease and efficiency; the term ‘Racial Holy War’ might need to be spoken or written multiple times in the course of a white supremacist’s day, and shortening it saves a lot of effort (I’ve typed the long form twice, now, and I’m pooped).

Of course, RaHoWa isn’t the only phrasal abbreviation white supremacists use. Below is a list of the twenty most common ones. Word power!

1. SwSwTaDu (Sweet Swastika Tattoo, Dude!)

2. NaFaPa (Nazi Facebook Page)

3. GrHiJeAc (Grudgingly Hired Jewish Accountant)

4. JoMaFi (John Malkovitch Film)

5. RoSeRe (Romantic Seafood Restaurant)

6. HiSeRe (Hilarious Seinfeld Rerun)

7. PeZoAc (Petting Zoo Accident)

8. BaQuMe (Barbershop Quartet Member)

9. KhHaSl (Khaki Haggar Slacks)

10. HoAtKeTo (Hoedown At Kevin’s Tonight!)

11. MoBaMu (Mouthwatering Banana Muffin)

12. ImLeSo (Imported Leather Sofa)

13. RuOsFa (Rural Ostrich Farm)

14. JuHaOuWaNaLaVaWi (Just Hangin’ Out Watching National Lampoon’s Van Wilder)

15. StDaAl (Steely Dan Album)

16. WeHaFiFoDi (We’re Having Fiddleheads For Dinner)

17. LeGoKa (Let’s Go Kayaking)

18. MeMuMuMaMu (Memo: Must Murder Martin Mull)

19. WuTaClAiNoToFuWi (Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ To Fuck Wit’)

20. FoHiBi (Forgot Hitler’s Birthday)