Twenty Protest Groups I Saw At The Toronto G20 Summit

June 27, 2010

1. Dykes For Dinosaurs

2. The Coalition Against Doin’ The Locomotion

3. NALBLA (North American La-Z-Boy Love Association)

4. Batmen Against Jokers

5. Patchouli Now!

6. Militant Toots Shorists

7. The League Of Women Bakers

8. The National Truffle Association

9. The Committee To Fist Kelly Ripa

10. The International Brotherhood Of Axe-Grinders, Pot-Stirrers And Beef-Havers

11. The Kinda Fascist-y Party

12. The Aliance Of Mispellers

13. The NAAC-3PO

14. The Society Of Pie & Tea

15. Do Re Mumia: The Organization To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Through Acapella Harmonizing

16. The Catchy Chanters

17. Spaniards With Lanyards

18. Citizens For Tax Reform; Lower Tax Reform, That Is; Not Higher (It May Seem Silly To               Explain It, But You’d Be Surprised At How Many People Are Confused By Our Name)

19. Sherpas For Christ

20. The League Of Marching Fatties Who Could Use The Exercise

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