Type-Based Fun

April 29, 2010

This is E.E. Cummings after his typewriter was fixed.

This is Q*Bert swearing because the 21321 Caps Lock key is broken.

.cisum rieht ni segassem sdrawkcab tup yeht gniyned htabbaS kcalB si sihT

This is a sleeping Nazzzi.

This is ¿uestlove in Mexico.

This this is is two two Siamese Simaese twins twins, one one of of whom whom eventually eventually dies.

This is a white supremacist with a stutter joining the KKKKKK.

This is Emeril making shish kabobs.

This is a doctor dictating an explicit memo about a patient who had her period comma and then slipped into a coma period.

This is the invisible man on his day off.

This is a porn star with a math degree making a X3 film.

This is sailing instructor from Alabama warning his class of yawl yaw, y’all.

This is a rapper calling a rival rapper a fuck wit, getting shot, then realizing he picked the wrong fuck wit to fuck wit.


This is a woman who had a mastectomy standing with a wooman who didn’t.

This is a Japanese man getting a hard-on in a voting booth and realizing he has an erection election.

This is a quiet angler going out to fishhh.

This is a guy named Stehen with a silent, invisible ‘p’ in his name.

This is the word aaabcehilllpty spelled alphabetically.

(1) 666 is the Area Code and Number Of The Beast.

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