Fifty Possible Titles For The Sequel To The Film ‘Snakes On A Plane’

March 29, 2010

1. Crocodiles On A Helicopter

2. Gila Monsters On A Space Shuttle

3. Box Turtles On A Harrier

4. Skinks On A Zeppelin

5. Lizards On A Glider

6. Salamanders On A UFO

7. Alligators On A Hot Air Balloon

8. Iguanas On A Dirigible

9. Geckos On A Bird

10. Spiders On A Boat

11. Spiders On A Different, Smaller Boat

12. Wasps On A Recumbent Bike

13. Harvest Mites On A Bus

14. European Honey Bees On A Pickup Truck

15. Dogface Butterflies On A Tractor

16. Aphids On A Single RollerbladeTM

17. Crickets On A Rickshaw

18. Moths On A Knife-Sharpening Truck

19. Scarabs On A Saab

20. Termites On A Rollercoaster

21. Rats On A Limosine

22. Mice On An Elevator

23. Ants On A Log

24. Shit On A Shingle

25. Roast Beef On A Kaiser

26. Christ On The Cross

27. Black On Black Crime

28. Worn On A Dare

29. Guy On A Date

30. Fattie On A Diet

31. Slogans On A T-Shirt

32. Tits On A Bull

33. Hair On A Back

34. Famous Person On A Stamp

35. First Time Listener On A Call-In Show

36. Half-Eaten Bagel On A Food Cart In A Hotel Hallway

37. Teenagers On Acid

38. Note That Says ‘Pick Up Drycleaning’ On A Refrigerator Door

39. Six Passengers Set Sail That Day On A Three Hour Tour. A Three Hour Tour.

40. Dentist Appointment On A Rainy Tuesday Afternoon

41. Coffee Mug Without A Coaster On An Antique Coffee Table

42. Zeppelin Logo On A High School Notebook

43. Honour On An Awning

44. Ongoing Homicide Investigation On Tonight’s ‘Law & Order’

45. Typo Onn A Movie Poster

46. Hot Girl On Girl Action

47. Photograph Of A Waffle On A Billboard On The Side Of The Road

48. Crown-Shaped Air Freshener On A Dashboard

49. ‘ON SALE’ Sticker On A Rack Of CDs Of ‘Walkin’ On Sunshine’

50. Ramble On And On And On

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